The Powers Combined

From the first days, the developers of Dutch Grit (a Lucrasoft Digital brand) have been the coding force behind the XPO platform. At the beginning of this year we have simplified things and have merged both Picario and Dutch Grit into the Lucrasoft Digital business unit.
Erik Slikkerveer
Erik Slikkerveer 7 August 2019

Realtime 3D rendering

Check out this new Picario 3D demo with realtime rendering
Gerjan van der Giessen
Gerjan van der Giessen 12 March 2019


Proudly we are releasing a new XPO feature, which will change the way you are able to develop visualization tools. PicarioXPO Live realizes realtime, in-browser rendering. This new way of rendering offers interactions like never before!
Erik Slikkerveer
Erik Slikkerveer 26 February 2019

Rirev Web Consultants, based in Mumbai, joined our Reseller team

We are proud to announce that Rirev Web Consultants, established in 2010, has joined our reseller team. The Mumbai-based company has helped craft unique brand identities like Bombay Shirts, Elle, and Godrej.
Erik Slikkerveer
Erik Slikkerveer 13 February 2018

Animation: The eCommerce visualization engine

Picario is a visualization engine, software that allows you to realistically display every product in any possible color and fabric based on one picture (the master scene). Ideal for webshop owners, design studios, photographers, developers and marketing staff.
Gerjan van der Giessen
Gerjan van der Giessen 1 February 2018

Press Release: Products come to life with Picario 3D

Picario introduces the next step in product presentation: visualization in 3D. Now retailers can present their products even more realistically and meet the needs of the modern day consumer even better.
Gerjan van der Giessen
Gerjan van der Giessen 5 January 2018

Personalized visuals for everyone

Consumers are sensitive for visual content. We are looking for interior inspiration on visual platforms like; Pinterest, online interior articles, magazines, blogs and YouTube.
Erik Slikkerveer
Erik Slikkerveer 19 December 2017

Animation: The eCommerce visualization process

In this animated video we show you the visualization process of our Picario visualization engine, software that allows you to realistically display every product in any possible color and fabric based on one picture (the master scene).
Gerjan van der Giessen
Gerjan van der Giessen 18 December 2017

Studio3D adds great visual value for the customers

The Swedish based company Studio3D offers their Scandinavian customers the perfect solutions on not missing out at this customization trend. Studio3D realizes solutions in a 3D-environment including all customization options
Erik Slikkerveer
Erik Slikkerveer 14 December 2017

Sir International, based in Hong Kong, joined our Reseller team

We are proud to announce that Sir International, based in Hong Kong, joined our Reseller team. Sir International was established in 1987 as one of the leading custom tailors. They have a great international reputation for making the highest quality bespoke tailoring.
Erik Slikkerveer
Erik Slikkerveer 12 October 2017

Innovation helps paint manufacturers to stand out

In today’s paint market where the supply if huge, it is essential to stand out. A retailer needs to differentiate himself from the masses and anticipate market changes. With innovative visualization solutions, a bridge between online sales channels and the physical store can be made, so that retailers can establish a strong profile.
Gerjan van der Giessen
Gerjan van der Giessen 6 October 2017

Visiting Kruse Medien

Specialized in scanning, printing, photography and designing, the German Picario partner Kruse Medien is a solid partner. A great company packed with knowledge of scanning different fabrics and experience in creating amazing visuals.
Erik Slikkerveer
Erik Slikkerveer 2 October 2017

New Zealand-based Digital Draping uses Picario

We are excited to welcome Digital Draping to our partner network. Digital Draping is located in Whanganui (New Zealand) and is specialized in draping products. Which means you can add detailed surfaces, textures or patterns to an object. A great company to join up with!
Erik Slikkerveer
Erik Slikkerveer 26 September 2017

Vlog Raquel #1 — Why become a reseller?

Picario is always looking to add valuable partners to our team. Join the team today and create new business opportunities, enter growing markets and participate in the world of design visualization software.
Erik Slikkerveer
Erik Slikkerveer 25 September 2017

Press Release: Worldwide retailers profit from visualization technology

Worldwide the number of online expenditures keeps increasing. Therefore it is important for retailers to anticipate the changing market and start working on innovative solutions. With the visualization solutions, you can offer an unrivaled product experience both in-store and online.
Gerjan van der Giessen
Gerjan van der Giessen 25 September 2017

Introduction Partner Manager

We are very proud to introduce our new Partner Manager Raquel Visser. She just graduated and will support all our Picario Reseller Network members
Gerjan van der Giessen
Gerjan van der Giessen 20 September 2017

The advantages of working within an ICT group

Knowledge is to be shared. Because we, as Picario, operate out of the Lucrasoft ICT Group, we know our relations, our products and the markets in which they move. Our knowledge with respect to online, cloud, hardware, software, Microsoft and IP telephony has been developed over the past twenty years.
Erik Slikkerveer
Erik Slikkerveer 5 July 2017

Picario Reseller Program

Because Picario’s technology knows no limitations, we would like to extend our boundaries and share our Picario XPO with the world. Are you looking for a fast and easy way to solve your customer’s visual content issues? Our Picario Reseller Program is THE solution.
Erik Slikkerveer
Erik Slikkerveer 4 July 2017

Lucrasoft about the Picario visualisation engine

Years ago the Lucrasoft’s Online department started to join forces with Picario. In the meantime Picario has become a part of their ICT group and every visualization solution is being built with the Picario visualization engine. In this article, Lucrasoft’s Online department likes to share what the engine has added to the solutions they build for retailers.
Gerjan van der Giessen
Gerjan van der Giessen 18 April 2017

3D in Next Level XPO development

At the moment a lot of hard work is being put into the next generation XPO, which will be fully equipped for image rendering XPO as well as 3D rendering in the browser. All content and settings needed to bring your product to life in 3D in the browser are integrated in one user-friendly platform: XPO.
Erik Slikkerveer
Erik Slikkerveer 1 March 2017

Picario at Heimtextil 2017

Heimtextil is the biggest international trade fair for home and contract textiles and the global benchmark for quality design textiles of innovative functionality.
Erik Slikkerveer
Erik Slikkerveer 30 December 2016

Reaching new industries with Picario

Studio3D helps customers by helping them present their products and ideas as well as possible in the proper setting. As the name gives away, they do this based on 3D models.
Erik Slikkerveer
Erik Slikkerveer 28 December 2016

Design your own Fortune coffee machine

High quality durable coffee and tea machines, that is what Fortune Coffee is dedicated to. Daily, Dutch companies serve Fortune’s coffee, who produces it’s own machines. These machines can now be personalized in a unique interactive manner.
Gerjan van der Giessen
Gerjan van der Giessen 21 November 2016

Stunning innovation at Karwei

D.I.Y. shop Karwei is taking a new approach with the recently opened store in Uden. The store is aimed at women and is cleverly using all kinds of innovations to showcase products as well as possible.
Gerjan van der Giessen
Gerjan van der Giessen 18 November 2016

Levis (Akzo Nobel)

By cleverly using new techniques and innovations in the field of e-commerce manufacturers can bring their products closer to the customers. Recently, Akzo Nobel started offering Levis, the best-selling paint brand in Belgium, a color simulator to pick the right color.
Gerjan van der Giessen
Gerjan van der Giessen 15 November 2016

DockFour website goes live

Over the past months we’ve been busy creating a new website and website for Dock Four.
Erik Slikkerveer
Erik Slikkerveer 9 September 2015

Picario at Heimtextil 2015

Picario will be attending the Heimtextil 2015 from 14 to 17 January 2015.
Erik Slikkerveer
Erik Slikkerveer 5 January 2015

Picario Partner Digital Yarn sells first 2 XPO systems

Our latest Picario Partner, Belgium based Digital Yarn, sold their first two PicarioXPO Systems.
Erik Slikkerveer
Erik Slikkerveer 30 October 2014