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At Picario, we go beyond single product photography and also embrace the power of mood photography. Imagine having the ability to effortlessly decorate a living room according to your desires and be inspired by the possibilities. Experiment with different paint colors for the walls, explore various fabric or leather samples for the couch and chairs, visualize laminate options for the floor, and so much more. With Picario, unleash your creativity and experience the transformative potential of mood photography.

How does a visualization process look like?

Picario makes it possible to realize stunning, realistic product presentations. To realize this, you go through the following five steps:

1 First you take a picture or make a 3D render of a product or space.

2 Based on this, a Picario master scene is created.

3 The colors and designs you want to display in the image have to be digitalized.

You can either photograph or scan them and then make a seamless repeating pattern. We can perform these steps for you, or you can work with another party of your choosing.

4 Together with the colors and designs, the master scene is loaded into PicarioXPO. This is the central system with which you manage the content of all your product presentations. With this content, you build the visualization solution.

5 Use Picario’s standard products or allow one of our partners to develop customized solutions for you.

This way, you realize THE perfect presentation of you products online, in-store and on a fair.

Why use visualization solutions?


Visualization saves on sample and photography costs

With just a single picture, Picario works its magic by generating images of your product in every imaginable color and design in no time. It's a feat that no photographer can match. By utilizing Picario, you can significantly reduce costs associated with samples and photography, as you only need to produce one couch or curtain. Say goodbye to expensive and time-consuming photoshoots, and let Picario revolutionize your visual production process.

Visualization reduces doubt after purchase

Picario breathes life into your digital showroom with realistic and lifelike images, enabling you to provide your customers with limitless possibilities without relying solely on their imagination. By offering a visually immersive experience, Picario eliminates doubt after purchase. Never worry about disappointing colors or prints again, as your customers can now see exactly what they're getting, ensuring a confident and satisfying buying experience.

Visualization is easy to implement

With Picario's intuitive online management system, effortlessly view your products in various colors and fabrics. Requesting different product options is as easy as a few clicks, no IT specialist required. Seamlessly integrate Picario as a database for your online showroom, thanks to its user-friendly design. Experience the simplicity and efficiency of Picario, enhancing your operations and boosting your online presence.

Partner implementation

Picario offers the visualization engine and a range of supporting products and tools. The development of your product configurator or inspiration tool can be expertly executed by one of our trusted partners located worldwide. Collaborate with our partners to bring your vision to life and create a dynamic and engaging solution that resonates with your audience. Let us connect you with our global network of talented professionals who can turn your ideas into reality.

Great tools developed with the Picario engine

Inspiring visualization projects

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