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Arli Group


Arli Group b.v. (further called Arli) is a 'house of brands platform' consisting of brands, each with its own concept: Cinderella, DDDDD, Seahorse, Damai and Summerset. All brands are owned by ArliHemsson and the products are designed in the Netherlands by their own design team. All products are unique and made from the best materials.

Since 2013

We asked Hanneke Grashof, Marketing Assistant/Graphic Designer at Arli about her experiences.

"Our styling department designs the dessins for our brands in bedding and kitchen textiles. We don't photograph all of these, but we only have to photograph a gray image and then have it treated/mapped by Picario. So that we can visualize the various designs.

Different photos are taken of the products, in ambient rooms or top shots of the sheets, for example. These are photos from above, over which Picario can lays a grid."

Example grid

The gray photos and designs are easily delivered by email to Picario's support team. They go to work on them to prepare the image so that it can change color and design in Picario's software. "Within a week I can have these images at my disposal," she says.

After visualization, the images will be used for various marketing purposes such as:

  • website
  • packaging
  • brochures
  • posters
  • presentations

 "By visually projecting the design onto the sheets, we can make a selection of what I like to use, more easily."


The benefits

Picario is not only used for bedding and kitchen textiles. For example, Arli put together a beautiful bedroom and did a photo shoot of it. This image was then offered to Picario so the wallpaper and flooring could be adjusted to make the room look just a little different.  "This way we can use the same image for a few years!"


Highly recommended!

Hanneke is very satisfied with Picario. "It's easy to use and the results are just right. It definitely saves on costs. Without Picario, we would have to spend 75% more on photography."



Would you like to save on your

photography costs like Hanneke?

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