Picario: The powers combined

As a SAAS in product visualization our XPO platform provides everything a development agency needs to create stunning visualizations. Our API’s and JavaScript libraries allow for easy integration. Through our international team of resellers, a great number of development agencies have applied our technology and created the most stunning applications.


An even closer collaboration

From the first days, the developers of Dutch Grit (a Lucrasoft Digital brand) have been the coding force behind the XPO platform. At the beginning of this year we have simplified things and have merged both Picario and Dutch Grit into the Lucrasoft Digital business unit.

At Dutch Grit we are real problem solvers. With a strong focus on technology we create everything from a website and app to distributed cloud platforms. We work closely with hardware vendors, UX and Design agencies and online marketeers. We have applied the XPO technology in many product configurators, inspiration tools and webshops and continue to evolve the XPO platform itself.


Extra development power for all your projects

With Picario and Dutch Grit combined we are at your service to design, develop and integrate the configurator for you. But we do more. If you already have a good development company we can operate as an add-on to your existing development teams. We provide code reviews, architecture advice and development power. Are you developing on XPO and you need additional expertise or developers to realize the application? Give us a call.