The advantages of working within an ICT group

Knowledge is to be shared. Because we, as Picario, operate out of the Lucrasoft ICT Group, we know our relations, our products and the markets in which they move. Our knowledge with respect to online, cloud, hardware, software, Microsoft and IP telephony has been developed over the past twenty years. Therefore we have extensive experience in all branches of the ICT. The past years our activities have expanded abroad. This way we increase our knowledge of the market and we meet new potential partners. Therefrom new beautiful partnerships form to collectively deploy new technologies.


The development of solutions

The development of online (technical) customized solutions is being achieved by Lucrasoft Online with a team of developers who have also developed our XPO platform. One after the other ideas and plans for R&D are being formed. Ideas and plans that we would like to process in XPO, to always have an up-to-date product and definitely to test and integrate new technologies as well! With this team we are able to realize this in-house.

Our XPO servers

Our colleagues from Lucrasoft Systems maintain the network and have installed our XPO servers. Needless to say, everything runs in the Cloud so we can quickly and flexibly adjust if needed. Because of the international nature or our operations, we have multiple servers worldwide to our disposal. These have been installed by our colleges from Systems and are secured and updated by them as well. The whole back end of our operation has been equipped by Lucrasoft Software. They have built a software system with which they can process licenses, contracts and invoices. This way we are able to serve our clients in the best way possible.

Ideas for our XPO platform

If you put the people from the departments mentions above together and start brainstorming about possibilities, technology and the future, countless ideas evolve that we can develop and test in-house. Do you have a good idea for our XPO platform? Don’t hesitate to contact us. Perhaps together we can add something great to XPO and in doing so, we can offer our clients more services and a better service.