Great instore product configurator

D.I.Y. shop Karwei is taking a new approach with the recently opened store in Uden. The store is aimed at women and is cleverly using all kinds of innovations to showcase products as well as possible. “Soon, you’ll see less men in paint-stained overalls and more women than in other D.I.Y. shops”, says Karwei’s director Machiel van der Sluijs.

 We had to adjust our strategy. The number of square meters of D.I.Y. shops in the Netherlands is quite large. To remain distinctive we are choosing to be more of a specialist in home decoration than a traditional D.I.Y. shop. 

For the presentation of an assortment with all its variations on a limited number of meters, a visualization solution is THE perfect remedy. In the D.I.Y. shop in Uden you’ll find big touch screens with a custom developed solution using the Picario visualization engine. With this, customers can realistically view flooring, wallpaper and paint in a room. This way they will get an even better picture of how the desired product will look like in real life.

With our years of experience in the field of e-commerce, retail and visualization solutions we know that the closer you can bring a product, the more doubt you will take away and the consumer will be convinced that this is the right product for him.

View result: https://inspiratietool.karwei.nl


This solution runs on Picario’s visualization engine and is developed by our partner Lucrasoft Online.