Studio3D adds great visual value for the customers

The last few years the need for more custom-made products has increased rapidly. As a web shop owner it is more important than ever to meet individual preferences and wishes. Consumers want their products to have a personal touch, like the assortment has been made just for them.

The Swedish based company Studio3D offers their Scandinavian customers the perfect solutions on not missing out at this customization trend. Studio3D realizes solutions in a 3D-environment including all customization options. By using the Picario software the products can be realistically visualized in different colors and designs.

A great example is the recently created configuration which shows you the possibilities regarding customization. They created an office chair in 3D with several color and design options such as armrests and headrests. On this link you can check out the configurator Studio3D has built.


Philip of Studio 3D is very excited about our partnership

"We use it (red. the configurator) as a reference for the API Developer Account. We made it because of the common issue that a lot of different industries face and that is to visualize product customizations. When you sell a product online, for example this office chair, and you have this huge amount of different fabrics, undercarriages, armrests, headrests, to choose from. It becomes impossible to visualize this using only camera-taken photos of the products. And that’s when we come in, instead of taking pictures we create your product in 3D just once and with the help from Picarios render API we can easily make the product customization come to life."

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