Rirev Web Consultants, based in Mumbai, joined our Reseller team

We are proud to announce that Rirev Web Consultants, established in 2010, has joined our reseller team. The Mumbai-based company has been building brand identities with razor sharp strategies. Their clientele includes startups, charities, and large corporations. They specialize in taking businesses from idea to profitability.

Since their conception, Rirev Web Consultants has helped craft unique brand identities like Bombay Shirts, Elle, and Godrej. Amit Goyal, Founding Partner of Rirev, appreciates the long-term nature of their relationship with clients and understands the unique nature of each engagement. He adds, "The clients that we onboarded in 2010 are still with us today, 8 years later. Each one of them has my phone number and can reach out to me personally if needed. Our design meetings are candid, brutal, and therefore productive. We incorporate the client's unique vision of their brand with our industry experience to create sector-defining websites."

Picario's software expertise combined with Rirev's experience in design and branding will result in a valuable partnership, now and in the future. Together, we will support all companies in Mumbai and India at large with lifelike photorealistic visualization solutions. We would like to welcome our new partner Rirev Web Consultants. You can visit their website at www.rirev.com and read some of their client case-studies at www.rirev.com/work.

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