Reaching new industries with Picario

The competition is getting tougher and more buyers make their choice on the internet. Attractive product pictures enhance the value and attractiveness of products.” We can only second this vision from the Swedish Studio3D. Therefore we are proud they chose us to expand their services.

Studio3D helps customers by helping them present their products and ideas as well as possible in the proper setting. As the name gives away, they do this based on 3D models. A physical product is not absolutely necessary anymore. Using 3D models, images can be created without a physical product. In this way your ideas and concepts really come to life.


We talked with Pär Olson about their choice for the Picario visualization engine.

  We have found Picario to be very useful for us and our clients. As a 3D visualization studio you could think Picario is a tool we have to compete with, but we see it as a great completion to our business, which makes us a stronger supplier. In addition to the engine we use XPO, which allows our clients to create unlimited amounts of images all by themselves. This has helped us reach new industries, which was not possible before. Especially companies that offer many variations of their products. Our 3D services combined with the Picario engine and additional services allows us to create amazing things with and for our clients.  


Our Picario Partner Network consists of design studios, IT companies, developers and marketing & communication agencies who use the visualization engine and additional tools to build strong solutions for their customers. Picario offers support during every stage of the implementation and keeps developing the engine.