Press Release: Products come to life with Picario 3D

Picario introduces the next step in product presentation: visualization in 3D. Now retailers can present their products even more realistically and meet the needs of the modern day consumer even better.

Presenting products online, in-store and on fairs is essential for both manufacturers and retailers. With the Picario visualization solution in 3D retailers are being enabled to present their products in the best way possible. Consumers are being inspired, products become tangible and really come to life. Thus the purchase decision is made easier and possible doubt about the purchase reduced.

Picario is market leader in the field of lifelike visualization solutions. With the new 3D function added to the visualization engine, the best of both worlds has been united. Consumers not only see lifelike product images, but can view a product from every angle. It is possible to zoom in or out and the effect light has on the product is made visible. This way Picario brings product presentation to a next level and in doing so Picario is ready for the future.