Press Release: Innovation helps paint manufacturers to stand out

In today’s paint market where the supply if huge, it is essential to stand out. A retailer needs to differentiate himself from the masses and anticipate market changes. With innovative visualization solutions, a bridge between online sales channels and the physical store can be made, so that retailers can establish a strong profile.

Online a consumer can find a lot of information and can easily compare prices. Ideally, retailers want to prevent showrooming, which is possible by bringing online and offline together. The well-known clicks & bricks need to complement each other.

Paint manufacturer and supplier Sikkens has realized this with a (touchscreen-supported) online application with which the consumer can choose a room or mood that for the most part matches his own interior. In this mood room the consumer can play with the walls and different (paint) colors that Sikkens offers. Thus a perfect visualization of what the end result will look like for the consumer is shown. With the advice from the inspiration tool, the choice between the enormous amount of (paint) colors is a lot easier to make. The end result is immediately visible, thus reducing doubt after purchase.

Responsible for these innovations is the Dutch Picario, that offers visualization solutions and helps retailers to establish a strong profile in a changing market. The solutions can be offered both online and in-store (on tablets or pcs). The consumer can use it himself or he may be assisted. Both online and in-store a chosen color combination may be sent to an (own) e-mail address. This way the consumer can let it sink in, discuss with others and he always has the right color codes at hand. Thus, a beautiful visualization solution for both consumers and retailers.