Personalized visuals for everyone

Consumers are sensitive for visual content. We are looking for interior inspiration on visual platforms like; Pinterest, online interior articles, magazines, blogs and YouTube. Great tools to get an impression of your interior possibilities and be inspired. But they have a few disadvantages, they are not customizable, interactive and the do not contain personal company branding!

Retailers are given the opportunity to view personalized content and inspiration tools with the Picario Visualization Engine. With tools built on this engine you are able to give customers a personal and interactive experience with multiple products. Customers can be inspired by different settings, colors and designs. By actually seeing the options, the system can help customers to make decisions and clarify their needs.

Online and interactive inspiration tools can be used in various situations. They are seen on websites, trade fairs and as instore applications. You are able to integrate an inspiration tool with a direct ordering system. So clients can order their new flooring, painting and furniture right after they visualized them. One of the Picario inspiration tools was used in the inspiration tool by Dutch DIY store Karwei.

Would you like to receive more information about Picario and discover how it can be used for your inspiration tool? Contact us!