Lucrasoft about the Picario visualisation engine

Years ago the Lucrasoft’s Online department started to join forces with Picario. In the meantime Picario has become a part of their ICT group and every visualization solution is being built with the Picario visualization engine. In this article, Lucrasoft’s Online department likes to share what the engine has added to the solutions they build for retailers.


One image says more than a thousand words

Since the development of the modern web, images are being used to clarify things. An image simply says more than a thousand words. The use of images can be decorative or to make a product more tangible in a webshop. It has always been a search for our Online department on how to deal with static and especially dynamic content. When a retailer only sells three products in a webshop, it is easy to maintain.

But the challenge becomes a lot bigger when the selection counts a thousand products. When these products are also available in different versions (for example a chair in six colors, four different seat legs and ten stitchings) the number of images and the amount of work that takes, really increases. To get proper images for all these products, you’re talking over millions of pictures. In the old situation these would all have to be photographed in a studio by hand, one by one. That is a lot of work, a very costly process and very inflexible, because with every change in the collection, you’ll have to go into the studio again.


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All-in-one package with Picario

A lot of our customers in the retail sector structurally faced this problem. There must be a smarter way to do this, we thought. So we started looking for a solution. We found this solution with Picario. The software makes it possible to generate multiple dynamic images based on one single picture. A new color or fabric for a couch is no longer a problem. You simply add them to Picario’s software. The images Picario generates are digital visualizations, but they are so real, you can’t distinguish them from reality. No more mountains of images are formed.

Picario allows us to realize stunning solutions for our customers. Solutions that are flexible and can anticipate rapidly changing markets. But that is not all. For us, as developer, working with Picario allows us to supervise a project from A to Z. All of the image processing is taken care of. Also, the package is, thanks to several APIs and connections, flexible enough meet the needs of every e-commerce situation. The images are generated based on commands we send. All complex calculations needed for this are done within the Picario package. We don’t have to give it another thought.

In summary, the advantages of the Picario visualization engine for us are:

  • Both the developer and customer are unburdened,
  • Lifelike images are the result,
  • Customers are offered stunning material,
  • The sales process becomes quicker, easier and more fun,
  • Customers will sooner decide to purchase.

By using the Picario software, we offer our customers a unique selling point and lifelike visualization. Thus a big advantage for retailers in respect to their competitors.