Loving every moment in the rain with Blunt Umbrella’s

Blunt Umbrella’s visualizes the company branding of their corporate customers on their product in real-time. The ability to see the end-result, a life-like visual of the product can be a major benefit in the decision-making process. “Providing our customers with the tools to determine which size, color and layout they want on the frontend creates a seamless premium experience for each visitor to the site.”

The world’s best Umbrella

Blunt Umbrellas make the world’s best umbrellas, so you love every moment in the rain. Or as they stated: “We know how frustrating typical umbrellas can be. Poor design and quality make most umbrellas susceptible to failure within months. With over one billion umbrellas ending up in the landfill every year, typical umbrellas are a significant burden on our planet. At Blunt, we believe you shouldn’t be limited to choosing a disposable umbrella.”

Developed in New Zealand, Blunt’s revolutionary umbrella design guarantees years of reliable performance. The fully tensioned umbrella canopies withstand winds of 88 kmph/55 mph, and the quality is obvious every time you open and close your umbrella. A Blunt umbrella enhances your experience outside, letting you make the most out of a rainy day. 


The perfect product configurator

On their website Blunt uses a configurator that enables customers to create the product exactly as they want, directly showing the end-result in life-like high quality images. The tool has options to show sizes, color and layout, as well as a custom logo upload feature. This configurator is built by our partner Digital Draping and relies on the power of the Picario engine.

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