Online visualization solution

By cleverly using new techniques and innovations in the field of e-commerce manufacturers can bring their products closer to the customers. Recently, Akzo Nobel started offering Levis, the best-selling paint brand in Belgium, a color simulator to pick the right color.

In several paint specialty stores in Belgium the paint manufacturer has placed touch screens and Ipad columns. With the visualization solutions that runs on this, any desired Levis color can be realistically displayed in real time in a room and style of your choosing. By combining and visualizing the colors from the Levis paint fan the consumer will quickly find his ideal color palette. This way the user will immediately have a realistic image of the effect a chosen color will have in a living room, kitchen or other room. With this the manufacturer fulfills the wish of the modern consumer to really bring a product closer before purchasing it.

This solution runs on Picario’s visualization engine and is developed by our partner Lucrasoft Online