Design your own Fortune coffee machine

High quality durable coffee and tea machines, that is what Fortune Coffee is dedicated to. Daily, Dutch companies serve Fortune’s coffee, who produces it’s own machines. These machines can now be personalized in a unique interactive manner. Choose a fresh color, a fun design or use your own corporate design. Everything is possible. We spoke to Matthijs Wiegant, marketer at Fortune, about this tool.


  We are very pleased with the configurator. The fact that you were able to switch so quickly during the implementation period was very nice for us. Everything was implemented as desired and afterwards things have quickly been adjusted. We notice that customers/prospects like that in this way they can see what their machine is going to look like. And if they don’t do it themselves, we use the configurator to create an example using the customer’s logo.  

The organization is very enthusiastic about the use of the online configurator and already has some ideas for future development.


  A great next step would be a version that can run on a mobile website. We hope this can be a future addition to the tool.  


View result: http://www.fortune.nl/ontwerp/

This solution runs on Picario’s visualization engine and is developed by our partner Lucrasoft Online.