3D in Next Level XPO development

At the moment a lot of hard work is being put into the next generation XPO, which will be fully equipped for image rendering XPO as well as 3D rendering in the browser. All content and settings needed to bring your product to life in 3D in the browser are integrated in one user-friendly platform: XPO.


Most of our Picario customers are already familiar with Picario F.A.C.E (Face Analysis Cloud Engine), with which pictures can be edited so they can be coloured with different materials. With 3D rendering XPO is ready for the future and it’s techniques are raised to the next level.

The big advantage of applying 3D techniques is that it gives the consumer complete freedom. Move around the product, zoom in or out and watch the effect light has on the object. The consumer’s autonomy can be enhanced even more by combining this technique with our expertise in custom product configurators. Then the consumer will literally see the product change before his eyes and come to life.

Curious about what 3D rendering can do for your products? We have already taken the necessary steps and will soon deliver the first demo.

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