Location: Vreden, Germany

Our German Picario partner KruseMedien is specialized in scanning, printing, photography and designing. KruseMedien is a great company packed with knowledge of scanning different fabrics and experience in creating amazing visuals. Scanned fabrics are used in the Picario visualization engine and form the basis of a good visualization. A sharp, lifelike scanning of any kind of product provides a realistic result.

During a tour through the company, they explained to us how precisely the transition of the fabric is monitored and the role of light on the fabric. There are different shapes of printing. KruseMedien can print fabrics on wood, glass and other surfaces. Lighting and decrease of vibrations are very important in the scanning process. So the scanner of KruseMedien has its own room with a darkened curtain and also has its own floor (the concrete in the floor is not connected to the floor in the rest of the building). An own room creates an environment with adjustable lighting and an own floor prevents vibrations from traffic or people.

First, KruseMedien receives a fabric to scan, so it can be available in our PicarioXPO. A KruseMedien specialist then places the fabric on the scanner, checks the patterns and decides if any additional equipment is needed to scan the fabric. The objective is to have a realistic seamless repeating pattern when the fabric is visualized on a product. The end result will be reviewed and checked by the specialist on a computer. On this computer, the specialist will calibrate the color authenticity of the fabric and its pattern. Ultimately, the fabric is available in XPO!

KruseMedien is active as an official Picario reseller in Germany.

Visit the website at www.krusemedien.com.