Great ready-to-use configurator

Showroom for Picario is a great product configurator which can be used as a stand-alone solution. This product is a ready-to-use package with a complete userinferface that is adapted to your style and products. Connected to our back-end system PicarioXPO the whole visualisation proces is covered.

Fast Recoloring

One product, multiple colors and texture

With the PicarioXPO Showroom you can change the colors or textures of your product within one mouse click. You can visualize almost any kind of product, from cars to shoes to living rooms, the possibilities are endless.

With our easy to use interface everyone learn how to use it within a couple of minutes.

  1. Select the surface
  2. Select the color
  3. And see instant visual change

Fast Setup

From image to showroom in 10 days

For the showroom we need pictures of the products you want to customize in the online showroom, plus the textures/colors you want to add to the design.

The setup of the online showroom takes approximately 10 business days from the moment we approve your pictures and textures.

Any kind of Product

More possibilities than you can think of

With our software you can visualize almost every product you can think of. We can visualize paint, leather, textiles and even flooring.

Device Independent

Windows, Apple or Android our programs runs on all of them

Because the XPO Showroom is an online application, it runs on all devices. All you need is a webbrowser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari and an active internet connection. The application can be used in your webshop and when visiting customers.

Showroom is a PicarioXPO module. You need a XPO license to use this ready-to-go productconfigurator