Developers kit (API)

The Picario visualization engine can be used as a tool for developing your own (visualization) solutions. Picario XPO’s Developer API enables you to implement our software in your own website. This allows you to create your own configurator with your costum design and lay-out.

When you run into any trouble while building your own website with picario implementation, our programmers are available to help you with technical issues. Contact us for more information about Picario API. The PicarioXPO API consists of two parts: the render API and the data API. The first is, as the name says, all about the rendering of scenes with their objects.

Render API

Generating render URL’s can be quite a task because of all the variables and different options. Because of that we’ve created an SDK for JavaScript and C# users. This SDK contains a Fluent interface which you can use to create URL’s for your application.

Data APIThe data API is used for getting all the data from XPO via an easy to use API. You can get a single entity, a list of entities, a texture, a lot of textures, everything in JSON.

When building a visualization solutions using our engine, our supportteam and developers are stand-by to guide you through the process and answer any questions you might have.

PicarioXPO Development Kit FAQ

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