PicarioXPO Live

In-browser rendering.
Visualization tools with live editing features!


Proudly we are releasing a new XPO feature, which will change the way you are able to develop visualization tools. PicarioXPO Live realizes realtime, in-browser rendering. This new way of rendering offers interactions like never before!

 drag en drop


 XPO Live offers new functionality, allowing more interactions in realtime by your (web)customers. It now is so easy to:

1. Drag & Drop local textures, just drop them in a browser (move and zoom included)
2. Place a logo on any object you like (move, zoom and rotate included)
3. Direct text input (move, zoom, rotate and crop included)

PicarioXPO Live will be automatically available for every XPO and will be released on the 5th of December. Whenever you want a demo before the release date, feel free to contact your accountmanager. We'd love to show you all new possibilities!

drag en drop



XPO Live demos

Experience live editing features with our XPO Live demos. Drag and drop, logo studio, scene2scene, text placement and video as a texture, XPO Live enables you to build new innovative solutions for your customers.


XPO Live versus XPO Render API


XPO Live is an addition to our visualization engine. When to use this brand-new feature and when you’d better use the Render API depends on the kind of solution your are developing. The overview below shows the strengths of both rendering methods. Feel free to contact us to see what is the best solution for your project.



Render API


XPO Live

Realtime response


Interaction (place, move, zoom)


Direct coloring (direct response)


Video dessin


Multiple scene


Max. 4 (memory limit)

Instant loading


Online usage


Offline & mobile apps (with Cordova)


Custom & dynamic textures

Loading time  

Will respond immediatly on requests

  Will have an initialization time to download the scene to browser
Data transfer*   Needs to download an image on every render   Needs around 800 Kb to download it's engine and the original scene
Compatability   Just returns an image. Which is acceptible by almost every system   Requires a modern browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari)

 * Rule of thumb: whenever you need more then 5-10 renders of a scene,
XPO Live will be more efficient in terms of DataTransfer size.

Getting started

We will contact all partners to talk about all new possibilities XPO Live has to offer. Can't wait, check the information below.

XPO Live for Developers

Get started building new projects using XPO Live. All the documentation, snippets and code examples you need for a quick start you can find on our Github page.

Feel free to contact us whenever you need own of our developers to assist you getting started.

XPO Live for sales-/accountmanagers

XPO Live is a new XPO feature and is included within the XPO license. It's a gift from us, for you! Have fun and let us know what kind of awesome solutions you are developing with it. Have any questions, feel free to contact us. 

Do you want to become a Picario Partner and start building visualization tools based on our engine? Contact us for a demo and we'd love to show you all features and possibilities.