Picario does not only work with single product photography, but also with mood photography. For example, decorate a living room as desired and be inspired. Use different paint colors for the walls, fabric or leather samples on the couch and chairs, laminate on the floor, and much more.

Visualization saves on sample and photography costs

Based on one single picture Picario generates images of your product in every possible color and design within no time. No photographer can beat that. Therefore you only need to produce one couch or curtain, saving a lot on sample and photography costs. 

Visualization reduces doubt after purchase

Picario fills your digital showroom with realistic and lifelike images. With this you offer your customers endless possibilities, without having to appeal to their imagination. Thus directly reducing doubt after purchase. A color or print that is disappointing in hindsight is from now on no longer an issue.

Visualization is easy to implement

Picario’s online management system gives you a clear overview of your products in every possible color or fabric. With a few simple clicks you can request every possible product. No need for an IT specialist. Do you want to use Picario as database for you online showroom? That is easily and automatically done. We built Picario in a way that the software is very easy to incorporate into your existing IT systems. 

Partner implementation

 Picario provides you with the visualization engine and supporting products/tools. The development of your product configurator or inspiration tool can be realized by one of our worldwide partners. 

Sikkens showing the end result

A great example of inspiring your customers and reducing doubt after purchase is the Sikkens touchscreen web app. This app allows employees and customers to style their own interior based on nine room settings or four styles from the Sikkens color charts. A split screen lets users compare the original image and the recolored image.

Merging online and offline at Karwei

Dutch D.I.Y. shop Karwei merges their online and offline experience. In their new shop in Uden you’ll find big touch screens with a custom developed solution using the Picario visualization engine. With this, customers can realistically view flooring, wallpaper and paint in a room. This way they will get an even better picture of how the desired product will look like in real life.

Inspiring visualization projects

Sikkens Touchscreen 
Web App

Gamma DIY Color 
Inspiration Tool

BM Fabrics Product Configurator

Desso Design