PicarioXPO is the powerfull back-end of the Picario visualisation engine. This system is the back-bone for all visualisation solutions.

Dynamic Imaging

Creating a rich visual online product experience is what Picario is all about. Online product visualization is the key in this proces and our PicarioXPO platform the back-bone to all solutions.

Our solutions make it possible to create infinite variations from a single master image in a photo-realistic quality. Product images can easily be modified using colors, patterns, designs, logos, text and many more.

PicarioXPO Features

Interactive Image
Interactive Image lets XPO users create a small configurator in a few clicks. Just select the desired scenes, textures and/or colors from your XPO account, choose a template for the layout and a small piece of code is automatically generated to copy paste in your website.

PicarioXPO Designer makes it possible to easily create visual assets on demand. Create all visual content from a single source and make unlimited variations. The result is high quality visual content ready for use.

iPad App
The PicarioXPO iPad app lets users sync the designs files from their PicarioXPO account to their iPad. When an account is synced it can be used offline. You can search your designs using keywords or labels just as easy as on the website itself.


PicarioXPO Technical Features

Systems Integration

PicarioXPO can connect with any type of system setup – we don’t discriminate! Our developers will explore your current system and find the best way to link it to PicarioXPO using our own APIs.

  • E-Commerce Systems
  • ERP Software
  • Content Management System
  • API
  • Database
  • Native Apps

Security and Hosting
PicarioXPO is built on the most secure infrastructure and up-to-date best practices out there. Read more about our hosting structure and the security measures we have in place below.

  • Hosting
  • Software as a Service
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Backups
  • Protected Server Access

User Rights Management
It is crucial to make sure that all users have access to the aspects of the brand portal that are beneficial for them. PicarioXPO allows you to easily define precisely which access rights are to be provided for which users.

  • Permissions
  • Label Management
  • Users and Roles
  • Managing Users
  • File Log and Downloads
  • Watermark Options

Customizing PicarioXPO

Custom branding

If you’re using PicarioXPO as a Brand Portal or offer it to your own clients, it is logical to make the portal match your company’s style and adhere to your branding guidlines. PicarioXPO can fully skin and customize for you for a fully on-brand experience.

In the cloud

Using a customized look and feel does not mean you will have to get a custom installation or a “branch-out” code. Everything will still be fully hosted in the Cloud and you will still automatically receive all the operational updates and support.

Corporate and enterprise

All our corporate and enterprise accounts are eligible for custom theming. Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss your custom theming ideas with a professional.