Fenwick Bartel praises Picario's visualization engine 

Fenwick Bartel strives to be the most innovative firm in the home textile and wallpaper industry. In June 2021 the wholesale company launched at the High Point Furniture Market - the world's premier home fashion event. It took two years to develop the business and design the complete line of products prior to the long-awaited launch. 


Displaying 232 unique designs  

All of the production is done at the facilities in Hollywood, Florida. Fenwick Bartel designs and produces large scale wallpaper, home textiles, throw pillows and lampshades. All of the designs were derived from original works of art, then enlarged to a huge scale for exclusive home fashion items. Mark Tanenbaum, President of Fenwick Bartel: “We have 232 unique designs on our website, which can be printed on any of our various products.” 


Customer's view 

The customer can change the scale of the designs right on the website, and view how these products will appear at various scales provided by Fenwick Bartel. All is made possible by Picario's visualization engine. Now, the customer can click on any design to view the individual product choices: wallpaper/floorpaper, home textiles, throw pillows and lampshades. This makes the website more accessible and user-friendly. 


Interactive and inspiring website 

Mark: “Picario has been an invaluable partner, whom without, we could never have produced such an extensive and interactive website. We would have been forced to individually shoot thousands of photographs to present our products in all the various designs and scales. With Picario, the designs texturize on our products in real-time, and saved us lots of time and money when developing our website and product lines.” 



Mark Tanenbaum 


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