Make your life easier with our easy-to-use visualization technology


Visualization software (Picario XPO engine)

Integration into your webshop (API)

Online photo database (Digital Asset Management)


The advantages of Picario

Picario allows you to generate thousands of lifelike images of your product from a single photo. This allows you to show all your product variations with less image material.

This will save you a lot of money on the photographer or 3D studio.

With a good image you can:

  • Visualize different patterns/colors directly on a chosen photo
  • Create your own mood impressions in a snap

Everything online in your own photo database:

  • Save created images in our online database
  • Easily manage your photos by adding labels (tags)

Easy to use

Picario's online management system gives you a clear overview of your products in all possible colors and fabrics. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can request every possible product. No need for an IT specialist.

Would you like to use Picario as a database for your webshop? PicarioXPO is easy to connect to any platform using our API.

Why should you choose Picario?

Picario can fill your webshop with realistic and lifelike images within milliseconds. This way, you can show your customers countless possibilities, without having to rely on their imagination.

This way, you increase the chance of sales and reduce the chance of a doubting customer.

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