Incorporating Picario into an existing IT system? That's a piece of cake. Every developer can easily get started with the software.
With the simple API Picario is built-in into an existing webshop or website in no time. Besides, the software is well documented.

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How does a visualization process look like?

We have a strong support department

Still having questions about Picario? Our support department is always ready to answer your questions. As well, we have an extensive FAQ, examples page and support contracts for additional technical support.

It is a finished

Picario is a ready-to-use product, meaning you can immediately get to work. Your existing system and Picario is all you need.

We keep

The development of our software is an ongoin process. We work hard every day to make our software even better and faster. In addition, we meet the needs of our customers and the market. Updates are issued regularly so you always work with the latest version of Picario. 


With Picario you’ll be able to develop unique solutions using one of the many APIs. All rendering can be done with a simple straightforward SDK or manually using the URL API. Picario also provides an advanced REST API to query the data giving you complete access to everything you might need.

XPO Developer API

XPO uses a developer API that allows developers to extract information from their XPO environment. In order to use the developer API you need an API key. This API key can be found in XPO on the account page if you have the right to use API.

This API key can be used in two ways:

  • Add the API key to the querystring (?apiKey=1234).
  • Add the API key to the http header (the header name is the same as the querystring parameter).


Generating render URL’s can be quite a task because of all the variables and different options. Because of that we’ve created an SDK for JavaScript and C# users.

This SDK contains a Fluent interface which you can use to create URL’s for your application.

Services & Products

We offer services and products to build a great visualization tool and will support you during every phase.





The Picario visualization engine in the form of an API; to quickly and easily build a visualization solution in a new or existing webshop, website or third-party IT solution. 

Scene editing

Picario works with master scenes. These are basic pictures that are edited once to the Picario scene format. After this the customer or end user can get started and create endless variations. There are one-time costs attached to this process. These costs are based on the type of product and the desires of the customer. 


The back end of our visualization engine. To be used as webshop database, Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution or as instant online design tool.

3D Renders

Sometimes the desired products or mood rooms are not available. Based on a mood board our 3D designers can decorate a room completely to the desire of the user. Contact us to inquire about the costs attached to this. 


An instant full screen product configurator to present your products or inspire your customers.

Scanning products

Your products have to be available digitally to be able to be used in Picario. Think about the designs of fabrics, wallpaper, laminate, curtains, etc. Do you not have your products available digitally? We can realize this for you for a fee.

Our projects

Sikkens Touchscreen
Web App

Gamma DIY Color
Inspiration Tool

BM Fabrics Product Configurator

Desso Design


The Picario products and processes have been documented so you as an integration partner have everything you need to start building solutions for your customers. Download the needed documents below or sends us an e-mail whenever you need support on how to use our products and tools.